Graphic Design for all


EMD's design techniques and knowledge can be advantageous in a competitive marketplace, giving our clients the edge that they need to sell their products and services.


Typography, aesthetics, an in depth knowledge of print production and creative minds are the foundation of our design business


A client's web site, phone app., Facebook page, colour brochure, presentation, business card and press advertisement have that all important visual continuity when produced by EMD.

A selection of the rules we follow when producing our designs


Consistency - necessary for branding and ID.


Mnemonic Devices - the reorganising and display of information in a simpler & easier to follow format.


Ockham's Razor - the most efficient and simplest designs work the best.


Modularity - this principle is especially useful when producing web and new media.




Accurate artworking service available. You supply the copy, concept and images. We provide finished artwork in PDF, EPS, PSD or Indesign format ready for production.


We have experience in producing artwork for packaging, brochures, adverts and catalogue work and can provide a fast turnaround on smaller projects.



Our 25 year experience in the Print Industry has given us a perfect foundation to provide production ready, accurate artwork for many print processes including; Offset Litho., Letterpress, Screen and Flexographic as well as Digital print.


We have produced design solutions for all kinds of end use including; labelling, packaging, promotional products, fabric, brochures catalogues, exhibition panels to name a few.




The term "photo-shopped" has entered into the English and other languages.  Meaning the manipulation, enhancement and alteration of an image thus ending the phrase "the camera never lies" (If the image has ever gone near a computer anyway),


Having many years experience using applications such as Photoshop (we started on V 2.0) and related filters and software tools we have the ability to provide professionally retouched and enhanced images, including cutouts and masks - from portraits to landscapes.


Please email us your image(s) with instructions for a fast quotation.

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